Short Positive Quotes About Life

Life can be rough at times and some short, positive life quotes can be just the thing you need to adjust your focus. It’s true that in life, we tend to get what we focus on. These quotes are meant to be life changing, although they can be. The main purpose of reading these types of quotes is to help get you from thinking negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Along with each of these quotes, I’ve also added my own thoughts and interpretation of the quotes. How you use these quotes is up to you. You can simply read them and move on with your day as if you never read them or you can make a real effort to allow these words to positively change the way you’re currently thinking and feeling.

“Every new day is a chance to change your life.” – Unknown

We all have bad days but some people allow a bad day to dictate what the rest of their week be like. Some go even further and allow it to infect their entire year. Obviously, every situation is different but if you can, when the day is over, let it be over. When you wake up the next day, realize that the outcome of the day is much more dependent on the actions you take that day rather than what happened the day before.

Every day is a chance to change your life because you can make new decisions and take new sets of actions.

“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.”

Having positive thoughts can have a huge impact on how you generally feel. The main difference between people who think positively and those who think negatively is that the positive ones focus on the good while the negative ones generally focus on the bad.

If you get a ticket, you can either let it ruin your day by allowing that event to put you in a bad mood or you can see it as a blessing. Had you not been pulled over, who knows, maybe you would’ve ended up in an accident which is way worse than getting a speeding ticket.

Some situations are going to be easier to stay positive and find what’s good than others. Sometimes, becoming angry and negative can be a good thing but holding on to those feelings especially if it’s not productive will only drag you down even more.

Simply asking yourself, “What’s good about this situation”, can help reduce your negative thoughts. When you’re generally positive and happy, you’ll tend to attract positive situations and people into your life.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life isn’t an accident. Most of what you’re experiencing in life, what you have, how you live, is a result of all of the decisions you made and the actions you took. No one is destined to be a success or a failure. Remove that kind of thinking out of your mind. If you want to be successful, you need to make a conscious decision to be successful and from there, you need to put in the effort to become successful.

If your life isn’t how you want it to be, it’s time to make a change. No one said you had to stay where you are. If you want to stop being lazy and feeling like a loser, you can literally do that in an instant by using your time and energy more productively and thinking more positively.

When you understand that your life experience is mainly a result of your actions, you’ll realize that you’re the one who’s in control of your destiny.

“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.”

In the hectic, fast paced world we live in, we often get so caught up in fulfilling our responsibilities, pursuing success, and getting ahead that we forget to take the time to immerse ourselves in the things that truly make us happy.

It’s important to work on your goals and achieve success but it’s also important to remember that the purpose of life is to be happy. You can achieve everything you want but if you’re unhappy, then have you really succeeded? Some people are willing to give up their family and passions for success and many of them end up feeling empty and full of regret once they realize what they sacrificed for material gains.

Find a balance. You can pursue success and find the time to engage in what truly makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Work is important but you have to remember to enjoy life every now and then as well, otherwise, what’s the point of it all?

“You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think you are.”

Don’t sell yourself short. You’re much more capable than you think you are. Most people judge their potential by looking at what they’ve accomplished or failed to accomplish up to this point in their life. Although it may be a good indicator of how your life will turn out, it doesn’t take into account the fact that you can change change your life by changing your current actions. When you change your actions, the path your life was on will also change.

“When everything feels like an uphill battle, just think of the view from the top.”

To mentally get through whatever struggles you may going through in order to reach your goals, imagine yourself already where you want to be and use that intense feeling of accomplishment to pull your current self toward your goals. If pushing yourself toward success isn’t enough, learn to pull yourself toward it as well.

I hope these positive quotes about life along with my thoughts have helped put you in a more positive mood. Always remember that you can get more done simply by believing you can and having a positive attitude. It won’t solve all of life’s problems but it’ll make your challenges seem a tad smaller.

Here’s a video about making positive thinking a habit. It’s a 7 day positive thinking challenge that could change your life.

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