What is a Motivation Burst?

The idea of MotivationBurst.com is to give readers tools and resources to help them build up enough internal motivation, to the point where it’s enough to burst out and cause readers to actually take action on what they know they should be doing.

What’s the difference between feeling lazy and feeling motivated? The main difference is your mindset or the state your mind is in. When you’re lazy, your mind focuses on all of the reasons why you should delay taking action.

It’s too cold. I can do it later. I need to eat something. I don’t know where to start. It’s going to take too much time. I feel sleepy. I feel overwhelmed. I’ll start once I finish watching this episode. And on and on.

When you’re feeling motivated, your mind focuses on getting things done. When you’re in this mental state, taking action becomes easy. Excuses and reasons to be lazy either become silenced or are reduced to powerless whispers that have no control over your actions.

Levels of Motivation

There are different levels of motivation and we’ve all felt them. On the lower side, you feel motivated enough to take that first step but even once you start doing it, you do it slowly and without much enthusiasm. On the higher side, you literally burst into action. You have so much motivation built up that continuing to be lazy becomes extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

A motivation burst includes all levels of motivation. It’s the point where it’s enough to just get you to take some type of action. Once that motivation bubble that’s been building up inside of your bursts, the urge to get things done will leak through your body and mind causing you to take action.

When it comes down to it, the level of motivation isn’t important. Sure, it’s nice to have that powerful burst of motivation where you want to get 100 things done at once but the truth is, you only need enough to get started. Once you get started on whatever you’re supposed to be doing, it’ll be easier to continue doing it.

Look around this site. Read the articles, watch some videos, read some stories and quotes. The instant something makes you feel motivated, act upon it. Remember, you can go from being lazy to motivated but you can also go from feeling motivated to feeling lazy. When you feel motivated, take action right away. Just the act of doing something will help build momentum and will make continual action easier.

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