The Daily Challenge of Pursuing Success

Meet Tim. Tim is in his early 30’s, married, with 2 kids. He’s relatively happy but always felt like he could accomplish so much more with his life. Tim was in sales, the highest and lowest paying profession in the world.

Tim had a goal and it was to become financially successful. Inspired by stories of people who had achieved success, he was set on creating a life he could be proud of. The excitement that was brewing inside of him was initially difficult to contain. He told some friends about his plans, telling them that his life is about to change. He created to do lists and scheduled various action steps onto his calendar. He knew achieving the level of success he was after was possible because he has seen people within his own company achieve it.

Success or failure was determined by how much work Tim would put in, by how committed he was to being successful and by his determination. He was pumped up and ready to go, his excitement level was off the charts.

Over the next couple of months, Tim made some good progress but as the weeks went by, his excitement started to decrease. With every rejection and missed sales, his confidence was weakened. By the 6th month mark, he was making more compared to when he started by was way off compared to where he wanted to be. Disappointment started to set in.

Each day, when Tim woke up for work, it was a struggle. Physically, he was fine but mentally, he was getting discouraged. Achieving his goal was taking longer than he had anticipated. The negative thoughts started to over take his mind. His enthusiasm started to dissipate. His resolve started to waver causing him to take less action which only led to more disappointing results. It was a vicious downward spiral that ultimately led Tim to abandon his goal of becoming financially successful. He went back to being an average salesman. It was easier, less pressure and since he didn’t expect too much of himself anymore, he had less disappointing days. However, deep down inside, he felt like a failure.

Tim’s story is one that many people can relate to. You might not be in sales but you’ve likely went through the experience of setting a goal and working hard at it only to be disappointed and end up quitting.

It has been said that one of the keys to success is to have goals but I think setting goals is the overwhelmingly easy part. Even taking the action after you’ve set your goal and are totally pumped up is easy.

The challenge for most people, in my opinion, is continuously taking action. Success isn’t a one time event. It’s like riding a bike. You can’t peddle once and expect the bike to keep going especially if you’re going up a hill. You have to keep peddling. You have to keep going. You have to keep pushing yourself and that’s not easy to do.

What’s the difference between Tim’s attitude when he first set out to achieve his goal compared to 6 months later? Tim started out excited and full of confidence and belief. He ended up feeling defeated and lost all of his determination. Why is that?

Tim made progress throughout those 6 months so he was at least becoming a better salesman to his potential clients. However, he wasn’t too great of a salesman to himself. His fears and doubts eventually won, replacing his excitement and confidence in achieving his goals.

The daily challenge of pursuing success comes down to reselling yourself on why you must take action. Anyone can take action for a day or a week or a month but those who achieve great success are able to get themselves to take action every day for years or however long it takes them to reach their goal.

In order to do this, your reasons for taking action must be greater than your reasons for not taking action. Who is the better salesperson, the voice that tells you to keep going or the voice that tells you to throw in the towel?

The more reasons you have to achieve your goals, the stronger your inner cheerleader will be. As setbacks and challenges come up, as they always do, your determination will be tested. The voice that tries to convince you to quit will get louder and louder but it will only have power over you if you let it.

Refuse to let your fears and insecurities stop you from achieving what you really want in life. Far too many people allow their minds to be taken over with self-defeating thoughts and end up living with regret.

If you truly want to be successful in life and succeed in achieving your ultimately goals, then you have to decide that no matter what, you’re going to push forward. No matter what challenges are thrown at you, you will not bow down and take orders from the part of you that wants to quit.

Success, although simple, can be extremely difficult to achieve which is why most people don’t achieve it. If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, don’t give in to the comfort of your old lifestyle. The more often you retreat, the easier it will be to make that decision again.

I don’t know what your goals are but if you’re thinking of giving up, just remember, in order to live the life most people can only dream of, you need to make the decisions and take the actions most people aren’t willing to take. Giving up is easy, anyone can do it and most people do. Pushing forward, however, is hard which is why only those who do deserve success.

Resell yourself on your goals each and every day if necessary. If you don’t believe the work you’re putting in to reach your dreams is worth it, you’ll eventually be sold on the idea that quitting is a good option.

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