Test Your Limits Before You Define Them

What’s one thing that stops so many people from even attempting to go after their biggest, grandest dreams? The answer is the limits they place on themselves.

The possibilities of the type of life you can create for yourself is limitless but very few adults actually operate with a limitless mindset. The ones who truly believe anything is possible for them are kids. This is because they have yet to face a huge amount of failures and disappointments.

Setbacks are a part of life and also a part of massive success. If you set and achieve a goal without one setback, chances are, that goal was far too easy and not likely satisfying to achieve. As we experience more setbacks, our belief of what’s possible for us tend to decrease until one day, we start to predict a failing outcome without even trying because we base that outcome on past failures. In short, we place limitations on ourselves.

But ask yourself this:

When was the last time you truly tested your limitations?

I’m not talking about giving something a try a few times; I’m talking about going all out with the expectation that you will achieve your goal?

Although we all like to think we have a champion’s mindset, the truth is, many of us started creating these limits after just a handful of setbacks and failures. How many failures does it take to get someone to just stop believing that their dreams can come true? It’s likely not even a dozen for most people.

Some see these hugely successful people and think they must’ve had it easy or they must’ve been born with extraordinary talent or they got lucky but the reality is, most successful people got to where they are through relentless hard work and that’s after failing over and over again.

These are people who become even more determined, some might say more stubborn, each time they are dealt with a setback because they are truly testing their limitations. They have the intense desire to push themselves beyond what they believe their limits are just to see if they can and when they do, they realize just how much more they’re capable of.

You see, you don’t find out what your limits are by succeeding; you find out by failing repeatedly. Yes, people who place limits on themselves do so due to their many failures but again, the question is, did they truly test their limits? Did they really give it everything they had? Did they go after their dreams as if they life depended on it? Or, did they give up after a few tries?

Only you can answer that for yourself.

I know I could’ve done more with some of the goals I’ve failed to achieve. I can tell you I tried various goals a bunch of times but still failed but the truth is, I didn’t give it 100%. Perhaps I started out giving 100% of my efforts but gradually, it would decrease due to the lack of quick results.

Then there are goals that I did achieve. With these goals, I stuck with it until I got the results I wanted and to be honest, even in those cases, I didn’t give 100%. I could’ve reached those goals sooner if I really wanted to.

Let me ask you again When was the last time you truly tested your limitations?

For most of you reading this, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

If you want more success and happiness in your life, you need to make a commitment to testing your limitations every now and then instead of just accepting the limits you believe you have. When you don’t believe you can accomplish something, it affects what you think and therefore, what you do and how much effort you put into what you do.

Success might be simple but it certainly isn’t easy and if your goal involves competing with other people then you have no room for self doubt. For every ounce of limit that is holding you back, your disadvantage is that much greater. Why would you knowingly and willingly give yourself a disadvantage?

How to Expand Your Possibilities

When you push your limits, what you’re capable of, expands.

People who train to run a marathon experience this. At first, running just a mile might be a challenge but as they train and push themselves, they get better and eventually, they’re able to accomplish something that was originally beyond their physical limitations.

This happens in with income as well. Many people can hardly imagine making 10 times more than they do right now but at one time, they probably thought the same about their current income. As you work on improving yourself, what you think is possible starts to expand.

The takeaway of this article is this: Don’t just accept your limitations without truly testing them. By doing so, the gap between the life you could’ve experienced had you given your dreams 100% and reality will keep widening.

When it comes to achievement, you’re much more capable than you think. I know this because it’s extremely difficult to give 100% on a consistent basis. It’s easy to give it your all when sprinting that last 100 meters.

It’s easy to give it your all when doing that last rep or studying for that exam or working on that important project but to give it your all ever single day for years and years, that’s pretty damn tough.

Massive success can be achieved without giving 100% every single day. In most cases, there’s always more you could’ve done. Ask highly successful people and most of them will say the same thing.

If you really understand that, then you’ll understand what I’m trying to get in your head which is, what you’re truly capable of if you really got your shit together and went all out, will absolutely blow your mind!

Yes you, the person reading this… you’re capable of accomplishing things you can’t even imagine but until you move your efforts closer to that 100% a day mark, you won’t get to experience the life you’re truly capable of creating.

Every day you wait to unleash the limitless potential that’s inside of you is another day you’re allowing yourself to miss out on the life you’ve been dreaming of.

I’ll leave you with this fun video of people doing awesome things set to the song called, We Could Be Heroes.

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