Stop Stopping Yourself

“What do you mean “stop stopping myself”? Who intentionally stop themselves from achieving their goals?”

Well… a lot of people actually. The biggest obstacle standing in your way will usually be you. Who decides whether or not to get out of bed when the alarm rings? Who decides whether or not to get started on that project or to go to the gym or to start studying or to put in the practice or to sign up for that class? You, it’s all you.

Most people who fail to achieve their goals get into that situation because they keep making the wrong decisions, decisions that were based on fear or laziness.

If you want to achieve greater success in life, you will need to start rooting for yourself, start supporting yourself, and start believing in yourself. When you’re fighting for yourself instead of against yourself, getting things done won’t be as big as a challenge.

See yourself as your own life coach, your own cheerleader, your own team of supporters. When you’re feeling lazy, motivate yourself. When you’re feeling scared, encourage yourself. When you’re feeling down, pick yourself up.

I realize it’s easier said than done but life is much, much harder when you allow yourself to stand in your own way. Continuing to mentally beat yourself up or discouraging yourself or counting yourself out even before you gave yourself a chance is a formula for failure.

You can accomplish much more than you realize when you start believing in your potential. You have the potential to create an extraordinary life but you won’t accomplish anything near that if you keep selling yourself short.

Life will place plenty of obstacles in your way so don’t make it even harder by stopping yourself from success.

How do you show yourself that you believe in yourself? You do it through your actions. People who believe in themselves take massive action while those who don’t, don’t. The more action you take toward your goals, the better results you will get and the better results you get, the more you will believe you can accomplish your goals.

So the way to stop stopping yourself is to take action regardless of laziness and fear of failure. When you can do that, believing in yourself won’t be that hard and as your belief in yourself grows, so will your potential. Your future can be created and shaped by your own two hands.

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