How to Change Your Life and Achieve Greater Success

You want to change your life but can’t seem to create any lasting change no matter how hard you try. You look at your life and get frustrated because you know deep down that you’re more than what you’ve been demonstrating. You want greater success but keep falling short of producing any significant results.

Does this sound familiar? If so, then let me tell you the key to achieving real change. It’s quite simple and here it is: Change what you do daily.

There are different things you can do to change your life such as changing your friends or moving to another city/country or changing careers but what I’m talking about is daily change.

Interested vs Real Change

Many people who are looking to change their life are really just interested in doing so. These are the people who do things like go on crazy diets or set New Year resolutions that they abandon within a few weeks. They talk about changing their life and actually take action but fail to follow through.

When you’re interested in something, you go into it with a different mindset compared to when you’re determined to make a real, lasting change. If you’re just interested in achieving more success, you’re not going to put in the amount of work and time required to achieve any significant amount of success.

Success takes hard work and time and without the right mentality, giving up is way too easy and that’s precisely what many people do.

Creating Real Change

In order to create change, you first need to understand why you life is the way it is right now. For the most part, you are where you are in life because of the actions you took on a daily basis up until this point. Your fitness level is where it’s at due to your action or inaction when it comes to exercising as well as what you eat and don’t eat and how much of it.

The results we produce in life, whether good or bad, don’t typically happen overnight. It can take months or years of repeating the same actions to produce those results.

So what does this mean? If you want to change your life, you need to change the daily actions that you take.

Let’s say you want to achieve more success. Assuming you already know what to do, making a change that would highly impact your chances of greater success can come down to simply spending less time doing pointless things and more time working on useful things.

Say you want to get control of your financial life. You could set aside 30 minutes each and every day for the next month to learn all you can about how to do just that. From books to articles to videos and courses, you can learn how to control your finances with this small change.

Just keep in mind that learning more won’t change your life; applying what you learn is what will.

The Hour Block Method

This is just a name I made up but the Hour Block Method is breaking down each day into 1-hour blocks. Firstly, take away the time reserved for sleeping, eating, work/school and other things that can’t be changed.

What you’re left with is blocks of time in your day that can change, that are flexible. Perhaps you spend 2 of those blocks to surf the web or watch TV when you get home. Okay, time to make a change, that’s is what you want after all right?

So what you do in order to change your life is to change the way you use the blocks of time that are changeable. Some people will even take out an hour of sleep so they have an extra hour to work on their goals. That’s up to you, just don’t over do it, you need your rest.

Repetition of Change = Success

Making a change for a day or a week is easy but to stick to the change long enough to achieve your desired results can be quite difficult but if you want greater success in life, if you want to change your life around once and for all, you MUST repeat those changes day in, day out.

If you do just one thing different than what you usually do and continue to do it for a year, you’ll be amazed how much your life can change.

Different actions create different results. If you want to change your life, change the actions you take and repeat not just once in a while but every single day.

Remember to Start Small

Although it can work for some people, for most, going overboard and making huge changes in your life will likely end up in disaster. Mainly because change is hard to stick to. To make it easier, start small.

Make a small change in your daily routine and stick with it until it becomes an effortless part of your daily routine. From there, add in another change and so on.

Where will you find the time? Well, you can either cut out unnecessary actions or actions that don’t really enrich your life or get you closer to the life you want or you have to make a sacrifice. Since there are only so many hours in a day, sometimes, you just have to give up something in order to pursue something else.

This could mean you might have to hang out with your friends less or cut the time you spend doing that activity you like doing or whatever it is. The point is, if changing your life and achieving greater success if important enough to you, then you have to make it a priority.

No one said change will be easy. In fact, you might have moments where you will start wondering if the changes you made are even worth it. Assuming you’re making good, effective changes, you just have be determined to stick it out.

That’s all there is to it. If you want to change your life, change some of the daily things that you do.

Here’s a video to help motivate you for change.

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